Thursday, November 29, 2012

A taste of things to come...

Now that this has officially launched, it's time to whet your appetite with some upcoming features that will hopefully keep you riveted to this space and yearning for updates. The following are topics that I will be writing about during the drudgery that is off-season:

2012 Montreal F1 GP Trip Report
Start/Finish line at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
F1 Meals
How to make watching races at home more fun!


2012 Austin F1 GP Trip Report
COTA, Austin, TX

Things to do after spending the day at the track
Austin Fan Fest, 2012
Race spectating 101
Please don't use your iPad for taking videos
Finding the best seats at race venues 
Some seats are way better than others

 F1 Hotel Hunting 101
Location, location, location (and price)

Car themed vacations

Just because there isn't a race going on doesn't mean you can't see exotic cars

There's a lot more in store, but hopefully this will be enough to keep you coming back! Comments are always welcome, especially those that you'd like me to write more about.


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